Tabletop Games for MedEd  

We are building a list of card and board games for medical  education that are available for use. If you have a game that you would like to have listed please submit it with the form below. 

To be included games must be:

After our team reviews the information submitted games will be added to the listing and shared online and at conference presentations. 

List of card and board games for medical education. Games marked with * have a free to print version. 


Anatomy & Physiology Trivia

Anatomy Rummy

Assessing Arrhythmias

Beat the Shock Clock*

Billing Bonanza*

Burn Game

Candy Gland: A Diabetes Board Game for Medical Students*

Cards Against Orthopaedics*

Cards Against Paediatric Dermatology*

Cards Against Paediatric ECGs*

Cards Against Paediatric Orthopaedics (Lower Limbs)*

Cards Against Paediatric Orthopaedics (Upper Limbs)*

Clinical Coaching Cards*

Crainial Vault

Critical Care Game

Debriefing Game Cards*

Drug Calculation Card (Mini-Game)

Drug Round

ECG Bingo*

Empiric Emergency Medicine*

Empiric Inpatient Pediatrics

Empiric Outpatient Medicine*

First Aid the Game


Forbidden Neurds

Friday Night at the ER,

Game of Stools

Games Squared*



Gut It Out,

Harm Free Game

Infection Control the Game

Infection Management

L&D in the ED: A Game-Based Approach to Learning High-Risk Obstetric Emergencies*

Liver Land!



Musculoskeletal Basics

Name that Nerve


Occam's Razor

Pharmageddon: Bugs vs Drugs

Portocaval anastomosis card game*

Retain — Neonatal Resuscitation,


Signal Neurotransmiter game


Stop The Pressure

Stroke Game

Stroke of Genius,


The “Three D's” of Cognitive Impairment

The Bloody Board Game

The Game of hospitals

The Last Straw!,

The Lesion: Charcot's Tournament,

The Paediatric Foreign Body Game*

The Toxicology Game*

The Zombie Sepsis Game*

Triage: The Game For Health Care Professionals