GAMER members

GAMER Collaborative Members

Below is a listing of our members in alphabetical order. We subscribe to no specific hierarchy and have let people name their own positions within our group.

Teresa M. Chan
Senior GAMER Nerd

Co-creator of GridlockED, TriagED game, and frequent user of gamification for teaching.

Dr. Chan is a #SuperNerd when it comes to serious games and their place in #MedEd. She has published a number of papers about her various games.

Michael Cosimini

Dr. Cosimini is the designer of Empiric - antibiotic card game a card game with trading care game inspired design which teaches guideline based antibiotic selection for common and important infections. 

He is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at OHSU.

Paulius Mui

Co-creator of Table Rounds, a card game for making hidden connections in medicine.

Dr. Mui is a family medicine resident and passionate about #MedEd.

Mikaela Stiver 

Designer of Pokémon-inspired Cranial Nerve Cards and co-creator of Foramina!

Dr. Stiver is an Assistant Professor at McGill University and an enthusiast of using serious games for teaching anatomy and neuroanatomy.

Sarah Edwards 

Co-creator of Cards against Paediatric Orthopaedics, Cards against Paediatric Dermatology and Bed Block.

Dr. Edwards is a gaming nerd, with an interest the role of serious games in medical education. Dr Edwards is and Emergency Medicine resident in the UK.

Vince Chan

Dr. Chan is a current Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellow at Thomas Jefferson in Philadelphia. He is the co-designer of Critical Care: The Game and is passionate about using gamification to enhance educational experiences. 

Scott Crabtree

Dr. Crabtree is an infectious disease doc at the University of California Davis. He is the creator of Pharmageddon: Bugs vs Drugs designed to teach the optimal use of antibiotics. He hopes to produce more medical and science-themed games in the future.